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  • Pre-K 4 November News

    Congratulations to all of my students in Pre-K 4 for doing such a wonderful job the first nine weeks!! On a daily basis, I observe each of my students and I think back on their very first day in the Pre-K 4 classrooms and I compare that day to today. Every single day, I see a change in my students that gives me the indication that they are headed in the right direction. For this fact, I am humbled and very grateful!

    Our primary focus for the month of November will be “Health, Nutrition, and Thanksgiving.” In November, students as well as teachers will participate in many fun-filled activities. These activities include: Match the vegetable with the correct beginning sound, count the healthy food in each box and write the correct number, and make their own “see the Pumpkin Reading Book.” Students will also color the correct number of pumpkin pies in each group, color specific pictures then cut and paste each item of food to the correct food group. Students will also design their own colorful food pyramid. Students will complete the activity Turkey Alphabet Match, and summarize the activity shaping up “Turkey Fun”.  Lastly, students will dramatize the poem “Five Little Pilgrims on Thanksgiving Day.”  

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Shirley Daugherty

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