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Tamara Brown



"Anyone Can Be Great Because Anyone Can Serve" (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) I would like to serve as a leader within your company. I feel that I possess the characteristics of a good leader. I possess characteristics such as enthusiasm for learning; conscientiousness to serve my community; and maturity to know that more can be accomplished by empowering others than by ruling others. I have received valuable experience in Memphis City Schools now Shelby County Schools. As a school teacher, I have coordinated a healthy and safe learning environment and managed classes of twenty-five or more students. As an educator for twelve years I had to learn how to be great at multi-tasking. I have had to coordinate school trips, functions for parents, and plan student events and programs.  I have my Biology Degree from LeMoyne-Owen College. I completed my degree program at the top of my class. I have a passion for science and want to continue to study what I love the most. I do want to continue to give back to my community. I do recycle, and want to do more to preserve the land and water through conservation. I do consider myself as an environmentalist.

August 2021
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Tamara Brown