• PreK-3 Grade Mrs. Zinn/Mrs. Relliford

    Daily Focus

    • The Alphabet
    • Basic Shapes
    • Daily Weather
    • Current Season
    • Current Year
    • Current Day
    • Days ofthe Week Months of the Year
    • Primary Colors Number 1-10
    Social and Language Skills
    Greeting, Sharing, Communicating with complete statements, Listening,following directions, basic etiquette.



  • Dear Parents,

    This month our theme is “The Weather.” We have been to school together for 5 monthsnow, and have had an opportunity to observe many different weather conditions. Nowwe will talk about what we see.First we will talk about sunny days. We will learn to make a rainbow in a jar, test theeffect of the sun on art work, and create a beach in our Dramatic Play Center. We willalso continue to explore …

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