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    Jessie Ayers - Library
    The 3rd Quarter ended well.  Fourth Quarter is underway.  Let's set our goals and try our best to meet them.

    Top AR achievers for 3rd Quarter in each grade:

    1st grade:  Maria Davis 100%---14.5    Zion Lester  98.2%---16.2

    2nd grade:  Jeremiah Dowdy 97.6%---22.0   Ja'Mirah Williams 90.6%---43.1***

    3rd grade:  Taylor James  92.2%---33.3

    4th grade:  Fred Holland 85.2%---30.7

    5th grade:  Octavion Phillips 26.7 pts.  (no one at 85%)

    6th grade:  Janiah Brown 100%---20.0

    7th grade:  Janiyah Woods 93.3%---30.8

    8th grade:  Mackenzie Hulbert 39.8 pts. (no one at 85%)


    Reflection: We must inspire ourselves by believing we have the power to accomplish everything we set out to do!!!