• Shirley Hardin

    Instructor: Ms. Hardin

     Parents and Students:
     It is my pleasure to have your child in my Second Grade Class. We're happy to have you as part of the Holy Family family.
     We feel that open and clear communication between teacher and parent is important to the success of your child's educational program.
     Please feel free to contact me at 662 252-1612 ext.(106) anytime during school hours.Working together, we will be able to reach our educational
    goals and celebrate the achievements of your child.

    2nd Grade Weekly Newsletter
     August 20-31, 2018
    Ms. Hardin

    Reading: DrawConclusion, Multiple-meaning words
    Language Arts: Adjectives/Adverbs.
    Math: Topic 5
    Social Studies: Cultures
    Science: Water Cycle/Solar System
        Upcoming Events:

    •  March 12-16, 2018 Spring Break
    •  March 23, 2018- Parent/Teacher Conf.
    •  March 23, 2018- Fish Fry 10:30 A.M. Until

    Story of the Week:
    “Henry and Mudge”
    Spelling Words               

    1. Mother         11. love
    2. Straight       12. drooled
    3. shivered      13. lanterns
    4. lake            14. snuggled
    5. smelly         15. lake
    6. night           16. dreams
    7. green          17. waterfall
    8. raccoon       18. rainbow
    9. yesterday    19. father
    10. bear            20. dipper

    Vocabulary Words

    1. preserve-to keep or save from injury, loss, or ruin.
    2. represent- to serve as aign or symbol of.
    3.  valuable- worth a large amount of money.
    4. tough- able to take great force.
    5. concentration- to bring, direct, or come toward or meet in a common center.
    6. frown- to wrinkle the forehead.
    7. homeland- native land.
    8. patient- putting up with pains or hardships calmly or without complaint.
    • Spelling Test Friday
    • Reading, Language Arts, and Math